WTF is a challeng scroll

i had heard of these and i need info about it
When i challenge the person and die, will i lose my stuff?
and if you have any other info plz post

what were you fighting when you got it. ?

goblins and its super rare (as runehq says)

Yes you die if u lose ur stuff, take the scroll the champions guild and go down trapdoor, talk to person and then you will fight like a lv 75 goblin or somthing , she attacks you with earth wave so it hits 15+ so i suggest range armor to be resistent to magic. then kill her and you get a certain ammount of exp for a type of skill

Wow. Thats the first time I’ve seen one of them. :o

yea it is good iv never got 1 but i watched my friend do one… he died lol
good luckto u thoe

hmmmm never seen this before…looks cool though

i finished it
the goblin was lvl 25 doing earth blast on me, i never had to ate
and it said the rules were that i only use magic spell.
i got like 100exp for hp and like 125 for mage exp lol it really was bad

i got the same thing cept i got the champion of lessers