Wuts ur favorite thing to do in runescape

There is a lot of things to do in runescape, but there is always a thing that u do when u get on. I like to follow people and get on there nerves.

coughaka the “noob pestering” cough

I dont really have a favorite. SOmetimes i feel in a happy mood and mine iron and give out full iron to random noobs in lumby. Sometimes i feel pissed off and go fight white knights (which gets worse when some noob comes up and starts hitting, then i hit a 10 and they think their awesome. BUT i most like taking people like you from varrock, say we’re going to go get a lot of gold, then walk them straight into the scorpion pit north of al kharid :twisted:

I enjoy mining I’m level 61 right now. I hope to be able to mine rune one day…

Good luck. :slight_smile:

I like to speak to my friends mostly, I have been getting a little bored of Runescape lately and most often it is my friends who make me login. :wink:

Good luck! Make me a couple full rune sets Lol.

Im on my way to mining rune. Im currently lvl 50 mining though…so i have to work a bit more. Just 10 more levels and its all coal…then ill mine some iron and smith steel to raise smithing.

I WILL be able to make full rune eventually…

i sometimes give advice to ppl or help with quests

and the highlyPKableone,id like to come to the dark side :twisted:

i like doing the quests, also mine coal in the guild while talking to other miners there. killing giants at edgeville dungeon, also lately i’ve been fighting people at the arena, that never gets boring, especially fighting newbies with full addy and addy long, and me without armor only with a pickaxe or my bare hands (and if they are about to beat me, i pull out the drag long) :twisted:

Fishing :slight_smile:

Going into wildy and look for people to attack. I also train my prayer and combat in the wildy also.

expesially pking :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i like maging black demons

i like attackin,/fletchin/ and talkin to poeple 8O

I make sapphire and emerald jewlery or play Castle Wars.

i like everything!!!muhahah…nah im a bit addicted to combat at the moment :slight_smile: and i also like to follow people and bug them…lol joke.

i’ve been training my combat lately but i really enjoy doing quests

I like mining or fighting, neither one more than the other.

I can’t believe I forgot the cabbage!

I pick cabbage most of the time in Runescape.

err treasure trails and quests coz u get things from em