X-Box 360 w/ Halo or Photoshop CS2?

Which should I pick? I’m leaning X-box but I wwant your oppinion.

lol xbox 360 with halo 2 for sure, cause i have my sources to get cs 2 anyway

Xbox 360!


360 all tha way brotha but where i live they are all…g…o…n…e

get the Xbox man! lol its a no brainer for me…:madhatter

I already have Photoshop Elements, so I don’t NEED CS2… On the other hand, I NEED an Xbox360 :wink:

Lol 360 :d

dont be an idiot dont be one of the people buying xbox 360, if ur going to buy a vid game console, save up for the ps3, its a ton better, graphics and memory wise. ps3 is going to be amazing, i would buy that if i was u

Neither. I have one (Well, not the exact version), the other would be a waste of my life.

X-box 360!!!

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You should get X-Box 360!
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Get the 360.

How would you know? Because the Japanese like Playstation better because of Final Fantasy haha.

XBOX 360 and Halo 2 and get Halo 3 went it comes out. IT’S OWNAGE.

XBOX 360 and Halo 2 and get Halo 3 went it comes out. It’s OWNAGE in a box…XBOX.
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There planning to launch halo 3 the same day ps3 comes out to sabatoge sony lol.

When I first saw this thread I thought it we were choosing which one we would rather have. Since that was wrong I chose Xbox 360. Where I live people waited in line at a Best Buy to get one. The first person in line stayed there since 6:00AM and they were coming out at 12:01AM. So that’s around 18 hours.

I think it might have been here or somewhere in California but on the news a guy was the first to get it and he got to meet Bill Gates. I’ve played the Xbox 360 and Ps3. Xbox360 is great but definetly don’t get it now. The prices will go waaaaay down near Christmas and after plus better games will come out.

I have PSCS2 and its not that great. I think its somewhat the same but I don’t know. Just stick with whatever Photoshop you have now. I’m gonna see if my mom’s work mates have tested Photoshop 10 (Or CS3 whatever its gonna be called).

Hopefully rockstar will get Gta: 6 and laugh at Halo lol. X-box 360 for sure. Cs2 sucks!! ITs jsut for making gfx. Its not worth $800 to make silly sigs for 10k each on rs. I only get trial versions cuz i aint wasting money. U could buy ps7. Its like the same as cs2 almost, maybe better in some ways, and its only like $100. Get the 360!

Um, neither and I have neither. To me both are a waste of money, I never played my XBox anyways, and it was hard enough to sell it. If I had to pick though, 360 for sure. You can’t compare 360 to CS2. Too different from ea. other.

I would choose the xbox… just because you could get tired of making gfx, and it’s kinda harder to get tired of gaming…

nobody mentioned the Nintendo Revolutions :confused: ^^…