|ו - War Hymn - •×|

|ו - War Hymn - •×|

[i]Death is always followed by sorrow;
War follows death. Peace follows death.
Death is what makes friends fight.
It is was makes family cry.
It is what can start a country.
It is what can end a society.
This never ending cycle will continue, forever on.
Death will happen, whether peace or war.
And sorrow…
Will always follow.

  • Arlaius, Book Five.[/i]


The Celts (Celtics), and Arosians (Habitants of Aros (Capital City), and almost any other city on the continent of Aro), are always waging small battles for the Borun Mountains, and various other lands. There have been two major wars in the history of this feud, War of Silence, and the most recent, the War of Borun Cliff. The Celts and the Arosians date back to about 8000 B.C., when one clan of nomadic people split up, and settled on two different continents. Celtia, and Aro. At first, the former clan-mates had good trade routes, and were kind to one another. That is until King Harold VI took the throne for the Celts. He wanted land, and a lot of it. And waged war, which became to be known as the War of Silence. The war was over land, and money, mostly. The Arosians held off the Celts, but the population of both continents dropped to a 3/4 loss of people, hence, War of Silence. They were at ease for about 2,000 years, with only small to medium battles going on between the two. Then, King Peter the II decided he wanted to finish what King Harold VI had started, and tried to fight the Arosians again. This war was not as bad as the first, but it was very intense. This war was deemed the name “War of Borun Cliff”. Here are the records left by writers from the war, and books found from long-time ended battles.

“Captain Rulke! Captain Rulke!”


“He’s not breathing. Quick, someone get him to the medical tents!”

“Yes Sir!”

A limp body, fully equiped with iron-plated armour, was picked up by four muscular, able-bodied soldiers, that were also, adorned in the iron-plated armour that was so commonly used by the Arosian Calvary. They quickly gathered the man’s sword and horse and headed for the medical tents, on the otherside of the battlefield. Riding through rivers of blood, and dodging arrows and sword swings alike, the four men continued on to try and rescue their captain’s life. Captain Rulke was the leader of the Arosian Army Calvary Brigrade, and he had taken a shot to the chest by a armour-piercing arrow. He was knocked off his horse, and soon these men had come to his aid. They jumped over bodies, cut down foes, and ran through the midst of the battle to reach the medical tents. At last, after roughly 7 minutes of a heart-pounding, blood pulsing run, they had arrived.

“Doctor, Doctor!” said the burliest of the four men. “Captain Rulke has been injured on the battlefield, and he needs medical attention right away!”

“Whats happened to him?” replied a short female with long brown hair, a Dwarven Nurse.

“He’s been shot in the lower chest, and he won’t reply to any of our calls” said the smaller, but still seemingly strong man from the back of the group.

“Ah, so it seems.” replied the tall male, dressed in a white cloak that covered his wieghtless chainmail armour. “We’ll need to get him on this table and take off the armour to see the intensity of the wound.”
The four men lifted the bleeding captain onto the table, and began to take off the man’s armour, revealing a blood-stained white undershirt, and a arrow head, lodged in his chest.

“We’ll need to remove this arrowhead as soon as possible.” said the Doctor. "Once thats done we will have to try and stop the bleeding, while Miss Nadia (who was undoubtebly the dwarven nurse), comes up with a cure to help heal this wound. The undershirt of the man was then ripped off, and the arrow head wound was assessed. “Seems like he’ll be okay, it didn’t piece too deep into his skin. That iron-plated armour that is issued to Calvary men sure shows why it is used by the Arosian Military.” The four men smiled, but in almost an instant, the war crys that could be heard outside, stopped. The tallest Calvaryman walked outside to see what had happened, and in almost a milisecond, an arrow piereced his forehead. The Celts had gotten past the defence of the Arosian Calvary and Military.

“All stand your ground!” said a nearby commander. “They are pressing towards Borun Gap, We must hold them off!”. War crys could be then heard once again. Then, as the commander announced the command to get into complete defencive position, a horde of Kalikioa Mercenaries roared through the Borun Gap behind the Arosian Calvary. They were now trapped between the Celtic Army, and the Barbaric Tribes of Southern Yallia, who often were mercenaries during the time of war.

“Commander, What shall we do?” asked a horse-riding soldier. The commander studdered for a second, then issued the command.

“Fight to the death.”

Meanwhile, in the medical tent, the arrowhead of the Captain had been removed, and the cure applied to the open wound. Then a report-runner bursted through the tent, shouting “The commands are to Fight to the death! The Kalikioa have broken through the otherside of the gap!” and then he was off. Almost immediately, the doctors open a chest, took out swords, and walked out, ready to join the last defensive hold before the Celts would reach Aros. They left the wounded captain on the table.

The seige went on for another 8 hours. Then the Arosian defenders fell. The Celts and Kalikioa went through the Borun Gap, after looting the military base and resting in the barracks that were set up, and started their 19 day trek to the capital city of Aros.

Every Arosian soldier that day died. Except for one. Captain Rulke awoke from his state of unconciousness on the battlefield. The Celts had thrown him off the table, and into the, what seemed like, a field of dead bodies. Rulke left the Borun Gap, and went to the nearest town for him to rest and recover from his wound. He told stories to adults and children alike, anyone who would hear him, about the battle. No news had been released, because no survivors were left. Rulke never went back to Aros, he died shortly after his arrival at the town of Horel. A burial was arranged for him, and a tombstone that read “Here lies a brave warrior.”.

Once the Celts arrived at Aros, they attempted to take the capital. They were unsucessful, and deciding to retreat back to their continent with what soldiers they had left. The Kalikioa Mercanies went back to their country as well.

Though the war was over, and the Arosians had held. The loss of lives for Aros was almost 3:1 compared to the Celts.

This war would come to be known was the “War of Borun Cliff”.

Chapter One: 500 Years Later

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