Xbox 360 or new comp?

Which shouldi get… a Xbox 360 or a new comp? The comp would be one of the fastest out there

ps3 plox…

I’m gettin one when they come out…

New computer. I have always hated Xbox…

Probably the comp. The Xbox 360 is going down in price soon. It just came out today so just wait for a week or more. I’m going to get one near Christmas. And I don’t even celebrate it! Free gifts for a Holiday that has nothing to do with me. Thats the life…

I suggest the comp.

Then you should get the Xbox 360 because it has month-amount of Xbox live, plays movies,music,more memory,Hi-Def,and way good graphics.

You should get Call of Duty 2 and Condemned,Kameo:Elements of Power,or NBA 2k6

def a comp, way more things to do and better games…like wow,guild wars, sc source and dod source


Get the Xbox 360

I dont have enough for wow and guild wars… has bad graphix XD

Xbox 360 does have good graphics,and the system turns on with the Button with the “X” on it.

either ps3 or the best gaming pc from dell.

Wait for Rev. It’s got a on off switch on controller too :slight_smile: But get a comp… def better. Lotsa games…loads better =]

Or is it because “Runescape” is on it lol haha.

comp, way faster more stuff on it like RSR. xbox its fun but you get bored of it sometimes and you can’t watch TV when playing games(tv is in the same room) comp you can watch TV still while playing (Comp in the same room as TV) just like me!! TV,comp,Xbox all in my room ya!!!:king:

lol if u wanted to say 360 is way better…
figure out how to mod it and run Linux off it and the interent off your box, lol thats wat my friend dos

usin net tools with ur ps2 is fun

lol i cant wait for the vid of this to come out tomorrow, if u now about it i think its funny and if u dont…read (for me the website isent working rate now but ive seen it before)

I’d choose the computer. The XboX 360 right now is probably out of most peoples budget at a whopping $400 and that’s just the XboX 360.

Wow. He thinks Guild Wars has brad graphics…


Id get a rubber chicken before ide get a revolution btw!