xx pure pk clan xx calling all pures! lvl 40-55!

here is the requirements
combat lvl’s 40-55
for pure melee
-minimum of 50 str
-maximum of 15 def
-must have 40 attack
-must have 40 hp
for pure rangers
-minimum of 53 range( some exeptions made)
-minimum of 40 hp
for pure mages
-53 magic
-40 hp

i have about 15 pure rangers in this clan and about 5 pure mages and 1 pur melee in this clan.

please post your usernames on here so i can look you up to see if (sp)

my combat is lv39, but im apure malee fighter, here r my stats, attack30, strength45, defence10, so u think i could join?

Hell no bitch FUCK u