y didnt ne1 tell me underground pass was hard!

killed the 3 monsters and now i have 2 get staff from iban. but my agilitys crud so i keep falling. can ne1 help me?

Yeah I hated that quest…it took me an hour to get past the stupid obstacles lol. Just keep trying…and trying…and trying…etc…

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Same happened to me dude, I just had to keep going back to the dwarf for food :p. When you get past it, dont delay on throwing the doll down the well :P.

~ ewok

Yeah I know, it’s really, really hard if your agility is under 40… I did it at 35 and it took 3 hours to get past one part… Maybe you should try an agility potion or training your agility plant first.

To answer ur title, cus u never asked! lol jk
but yea that quest was hella-hard! keep tryin for it though

w00t! sorry about spamming but when the h*** did mrparris get in the house of lords?!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

congrats dude! :smiley:

What’s annoying is if you want to do Regicide, you have to go through most of the underground pass again. But yeah, it’s pretty hard if you have a low agility

i loved that quest and now its harder cuz they dont got the superspeed glitch wich made u be able to fly over the bridges

hes been in HoL for quite some time now right? sry i thought ive seen him with the HoL title a couple weeks ago. might be wrong though.

I’ve been in HoL for about 2 weeks now, you may not have noticed as I only got my crown <<< back today.

~ ewok

well…i haven’t done undergroud pass yet…but i recommend getting ur agility up…since u have to go bak there everytime u need to recharge the staff…or bring lots of food…and just keep trying and trying…