y do they have u kick a bed???????????

I have a question… At the top floor at the wise old guys house in draynor why do they have an option where u can kick a bed???
if you ask me i think it is a little strange…

rs username=dooms day 21

I think that new building has features mainly for members.

u have an option to kick a bed because the old man sometimes asks u to kick it so it spits out the items that the old man lost. the bed is like enchanted.

Where did you hear that blade? The reason you can kick it is because the old man will sometimes tell you to kill the monster under the bed… And you have to kick the bed for the monster to come out, so you can kill it.


i heard what i wrote from this guy who was doing “small tasks” for the man.

i was a member…but not now oh well

its becouse the boogie man lives under it and you need to kill it before the old man has a panic attack

lol fiction but true

lol ok…

no really have you ever seen the boogie man i here he eats children and um hides in closets and um lives under your bed yodda yodda he is a loser crybaby

that is cool

so its members only eh?

seems like it

hey doom…
lol that was funny
u got atked by the thing under…the guy in the rune t is me :smiley:

omfg necromancing…dont do that, dont bump old topics…

I think its for a future quest:spin:

I am getting tired, ugh.
Stop Necroing, please.
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okay a topic posted in 2005 is up here that guy bumped a little more then a year topic…

really i want to kill the little thing