Y does everyone hate on warhammers?

hey ppl y does everyone think that warhammers stink i’ve found that a rune warhammer blows a rune b-axe out of the water, sometimes even better than longsword

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warhammers indeed STINK!
they are slow and not as powerful scimmys and b-axes

the only good thing about them is that i think they also increase prayer xp when you attack with them

oaky rune wars are crappy okay?

I think is going to start flamming so im jsut going to say that not very many people have used the warhammer and are not sure what weapon they choose.I myself dislike the warhammer but im not making any nasty comments.

warhammers arnt that great
for 1 its a waste of money second
of all they r weak and dont do alot of damage
if they do its rare

wait…warhammer increases prayer? has anyone here ever played a game in the “thief” installment? cuz in Thief there are these extremists called the “hammerites” that carry war hammers and yeah they’re a religious group that praises “the builder” and they will “smite his enemies” dude might runescape have ripped off thief?! cuz I loved those games. or does anyone else have another explaination?

the blakenite

oh and warhammers are really really really slow…

Maces increase prayer stats. That is one of the only good things they do. Except dragon mace, that thing is cool.

ya iced i agree i think drag mace is coolest weapon in game

hey ppl i dont think alot of u have actually used a rune warhammer i traded 160 yews for mine and its done better than the rune b-axe mine friend let me borrow for comparison. its just as fast as the b-axe 2! im usin mine oh well if i guess its something called “underrated”

reaper look at my whack a troll thread I think you’ll like it alot :smiley:

um okay wheres that

let me get this right… warhammers DO increase prayer stats?

they are hatd because peeps find them to slow and not do enough damage

why isn’t there are questoin

I agree with the majority of the people here, warhammers are not the best weapon. They are not better than rune battle axes!!!

mace increases prayer and is way better

how did that have anythin at all to do with my whole thing on “Thief”? lol well anyways yeah I read maces are actually worse than war hammers, aren’t they alot weaker?

I think maces are stronger than war hammers.