Y dont they have houses

They should have houses on runescape where u can store books and stuff and no one can break in only u can enter, or a friend can enter but cant take ur stuff.
Houses would cost from 50,000-150,000
Wouldnt that be a great Idea

50-150k is too low, it would have to be 10 mill…


Houses are a good idea, but it would be take too much space should there be one house per player or something… Your idea is kind of like putting your items up for display to show your friends, except you can take the items and store new ones any time you like, in other words, like a bank… It’s a nice idea, but I don’t think it’ll work… But if there were actually houses, they would have to be much more expensive, probably around the prize Redwraith mentioned, though 10 million might be a bit too expensive…

Meh, for your own house it wouldn’t be to bad… I have some Ideas for it. When you sleep in it your energy is restored and you have like a key which tele’s you into the house…


i get what you are trying to say… but what would be the point of houses then…? To sleep…?

Heal your energy, and when you need to get something real bad instead of running to bank just go to your house…


but that’ll make the game too easy… wouldn’t it? if people can just tele to their house, what’ll be the point of banks? Of course, a house can have certain limits to storing things…

They cost 10 mill :stuck_out_tongue:


Many people have 10 mil… ok fine, not that many, but still, it would make the game easier… Bleh, i guess it could be a good idea, but i doubt it’ll actually work out… i think houses are cool though :slight_smile:

Well, people who work hard to get 10 mill should be given the ability to make it easier…


True… but healing energy and storing items for later retrieval would be a bit too easy… But I guess they do deserve some credit for working hard to get 10mil… Lol, i can just picture houses spread around runescape…

No not in RS, when you tele there it goes to some palce where houses are lined up, not in the normal world…


So, there’ll be another place, where houses are lined up…? I guess that could work… but it’ll be weird… i’m going to stop posting in this thread now seeing as i’ve already made six posts… Sorry for posting so much useless stuff…

a bank is for storing stuff ok

Houses would be cool, but 10mill is to much i saw :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t even got 50k =/ lol Knowing my knowledge on runescape if i had a house i would probably loose it and not no were it is :smiley:

I like the idea of the key tele’ing you to your house… but it would probably have to
not work in the wildy. Maybe theres like 4 or 5 place spread all over rs that you can
access your house from… one in karamja would be nice for fishin.

if yall havent heard they are going to make a new skill that allows you to build your own houses

its called carpentary

Arent They Making That Carpentry Skill For Rs?

Ok whoever bumped it up look at the date of the post, it was june 1st the announcement wasn’t made for houses then,