yaaaaa rune scimmy!

rune scimmy might not sound like alot to you p2p guys

but i think thats awesome.

these three guys were all fighting me and i managed to kill one
(the others ran away)

Nice -.-

I picked up a whip from the floor in fally bank this morning -.-

did you really?

no he didnt =p

NO pic NO proof.

Just like I found a santa on the floor in fally too like in my sig.

Grats on the scimi and kill.

Sarcasm ftw :wink:

If you didnt detect the sarcasm in my post, i’m f2p…

2 words… picture please :wink:

i also to found a blue phat on the floor in mage bank

nice kill hope you get better in future

thx guys, i just sold it for 30k

No Pic, No proof. Topic should be locked.
5 posts Zammar, then you get… I dunno what you get.

on my noob pker account i have pked 3 sets of full iron, 1 full steel and 3 full bronze

No picture no proof, sorry.

Just follow the rules. :slight_smile: