Yay 100 Combat!!!!

I finally got 100 combat!! :slight_smile: I’m sooo happy. It took awhile but i did it.


GREAT JOB! I will take me forever to get 100 combat becasue I’m on RS for only an hour a day, but congratz! Hope you have fun being uber strong!

Thats me :lol:

Thank you. Now that i reached my goal I probably wont be playing nearly as much as i used to. I’ll prob train my non combat stats slowly for awhile.

cool stats dude

cool stats dude

Thank you redmen. :slight_smile:


Wow 100 combat!! your stats are awesome!!!

100 combat…wow, that is awesome! Congrats! Also congrats on 81 str. What is your highest hit? You have very goos stats too. I like the prayer and cooking. Not a lot of people go higher than 37 prayer.

wow… nice… i would probably never get to 100 combat…

Hubba Hubbba Hubbaa… getting to lvl 100 is great work! And i also noticed how you’re other skills are pretty damn good too! …it’ll still be a long road till 100 for me. Although i don’t play very much either.

Awesome job, Tiefers! Enjoy your ownage! Nice stats, too. :wink: .

Thanks everyone for comments. :oops:

My highest hit that i’ve done is a 32. That was a while ago tho, haven’t gone for one recently.

Wow, nice hit and stats dude, congrats

wow 100 combat! also u have very nice stats u make mine look like they suck i only have 1 stat better thats mining by 1 lvl :stuck_out_tongue: dam your so strong though 100 combat wow

SOMEONE spends to much time on rs

super possum no negative plz thats a great accomplishment and he should get congrats not criticized. Any ways Tiefers congrats on making that huge Huge HUGE goal! 8O

how do yu make thsoe thigns with the stats can yu give em the website pelase and thank you ver y much :wink: :lol:

congrats man that is really sweet! I cant wait till i am lvl 100+