YAY 60 Mining!!!!

Yaaay i finnaly got 60 mining after about 5 days of nonstop mining, im in the guild now and it isnt amazing like i thought it would be too many ppl, but still my goal is a blue mask so ill have 1 soon

Congrats. Hope you reach your new goal soon

good job 56 mining myself

nice job…i have 54 mining myself…id like to get to 55 so that i can
mine mithril…but anyways…

good job

Awsome! Gratz on geting into the mining guild!

yeh. Congratz on getting 60 mining, and gaining entrance to the mining guild!

Good job getting in the mining guild I might try getting in there soon just because I heard alot of coal is in there and it might be a good way to make $. Well congrats anyways!

Congratz… I hope you enjoy the mining guild because you and it are going to get to know each other very well… Maybe too well… Dun dun dun… But yeah… Congratz… Brace yourself for the work you are going to be doing just to get to level 70 mining right now… I’m still in shock that the gap between level 63 and 64 is 40k… Maybe not a lot to some of you but it is a lot to me considering I don’t play often…

congrats 61 mining here

Sweet as dude…im 67 minning tryin to get to 70. takes awhile

i’m only 54 myself and just become a member so i’m working on the members skills

and congratz it’s a big step i know

sweet as

yeah well done i just got to 60 mining

I have 70 mining it’s fuuuuuuuuuun to mine addy. 8)

Nice mining level. :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah I’m lvl 61 mining too… Congrats on getting 60 mining by the way.