yay at last i can make chaos runes

5 days of 30 mins of runescape a day i am happy


congrats on 35 RC…i think its 35 RC for chaos, cant remember. whats ur combat?

um its 64 lol

hah. man ur gunna have a tough time with chaos. if u haven’t been to the altar. u’ll c what i mean :wink:

yea sweet. nice job but have u been to the alter its long to find the right ladders and stuff

i got the right ladders in like 3 mins lol

cool i h8 the choas temple stupid maze thingy!

yeah kow i know where to go

Nice! Go for nats next trust me! High-alch is so much easier when you can make nats yourself!

P.S. Advice, from a fellow runecrafter!

awsome dude chaos runes are awsome

yeah i can t w8 til i can make nats

c mon any1 else

Grats, lol I’m a noob runecrafter, 95 combat and only just lvl 39 at it :stuck_out_tongue: