yay at last i got my g maul

here it is my max hit is 21


Congrats. I want a maul but im f2p, so i will have to stick with my scimmy.

nice…i see you are dueling with it lol

yes i am only lvl 64 sp i didn t get many kills i was saving up for monthes

Congrtulations, It’s nice having a giant weapon to show who’s boss isnt it? :yes:

Yes. But, The D mace looks intimidating…:yes: but…Whip Owns…even tho im not a member anymore

yeah soppose but i have been saving up for weeks for it

Good work, a maul is very good… And good work on getting one but as the others said a whip owns…lol i really want a whip sooo bad :frowning:

hehe kewl i hit a 27 with one… it was hell cool!!! and on a lvl 87 aswell…
ps. 1700th Post!!!
sickmate 8)

i sold my maul, cuz prices were going down

congratz.good wep

which 1 is better dragon long or maul???

congratz, id get the maul, its my fav weapon…but im f2p

congrats on getting a maul! they a very good pk wepon