yay!!!!! finally!!!!!!

i finally hav 1k total lvl!!!

Wow… Congratz to ya on that… But yeah, that’s my goal for total level as well… Though it’s gonna be a lot harder for me seeing as I’m an f2p’er…

Congrats! Keep up the good work ! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


whoa nice just three quetions

#1 what skill made it 1000?
#2 what were you doing?
#3 where are you…or were you?

Congratz! It’ll take me awhile before I can get that level!


good job man! i just reached 1k total today also!

well whoever asked what level he gained to advance to 1000 total level, then you should look at his conversation bar. It shows that he advanced a magic level. Congrats on the total lvl man that is very sweet.

nice, i got 1115 total today

#1: yes, i was training magic
#2: training magic
#3: i was at the other worldly biengs in zanaris

Congratz… i’m far from that magic lvl, i hardly train magic… but yeh. congratz…