Yay, goin skiing for about a week.

I’m going to Killington, it’s in Vermont so it’s a 10 hour drive. It’s the best place to go skiing. Well, I won’t be on the next week or so, bye all! :slight_smile:

Bye Demon,hope you ski well and DONT HIT ANY TREES!

Have fun, in the snow :slight_smile: Man, I miss it :stuck_out_tongue: Have fun, dont forget hot cocoa :smiley:

have fun, skiing is awsome (well not to me). but ya dont get wasted by trees or owned by the ski lift (lol seen it happen)

I love skiing, probly gonna cross-country when i got to montanta in a few weeks.

This reminds me of the Capital One commerical where the family goes skiing in the summer because they couldn’t use their miles in the winter. Have fun skiing. Remember, yellow snow = not good to eat.

I once broke my leg skiing when I was 7 because I took a wrong turn and went down a black diamond! I flipped at the end and did a split. :slight_smile:

Is black diamond really hard? I’ve never went skiing before. There aren’t many ski lodges in Texas let alone not that much snow.

There kinda hard. They’re usually almost going straight down and have mounds every 2 inches. :slight_smile: