yay i got 60 mining!!! so whats wrong with this picture...

lol yay i can now enter the mining guild! oh wait, im alredy in there!!

not edited.
sickmate 8)

lol congratz

PS. ur in the mining guild 8O na jk u usd a stout =-p :stuck_out_tongue:

i know what it is its showing mith when ur lvl 60 u can mine mith at lvl 55 mining and u are already in the mining guild lol!

u used a dwarnen snout

Yea u used a stout but does it awlways show mithril when u can get in? hmmm didnt notice that.

Probly… :stuck_out_tongue:

u used the stout,but hey? y do they have to use a mitril ore :!: