Yay! Made my first merchanting profit.

Since I started playing RS I have always made my money by skills, woodcutting, mining, runecrafting etc.

But with every1 making millions merchanting, I decided to give it a try. I sat in Varrock bank world 1 for about an hour, bought 1k iron for 50 each. I just sold the 1k iron for 100k! Now I know thats not a lot of money by any means, but its a start! Im hoping to make a mil by sunday. Ive got about 500k already, so it shouldnt be to hard.

Or you could buy obby capes for 400k and sell on formus 450-500k if you’re p2p or buy rnager boots 500k and sell 550k. Good job good luck with future merchanting

good job man i think ill try that cus i already have mined 1000 iron ore trying to get my mining lvl to 60…lol its still only 48


i used to merchant santas when they were 1m lol