yay mime mask yay!!

im so happy…i finally got a mime mask while i was fightin white knights last night. now all i need is the rest of the mime outfit.

ur lucky! ive never been to the mime stage!

I have always wanted a mime mask… i never get it, i had mime boots but thne i got hacked… i want miem outfit soo much i would give full rune for it

is mime mask members only?

Congratz, I just got mime mask too :). I’ve had 2 mimes so far. I’ve gotten gloves pants and mask so far.

no mime stuff r for everyone

i got mime 2 times too…but the first time all i got was lean

Is it just one of those random events?

Same with me i really want one :frowning:

gotn 3 mimes sofar…
all of em when figting…

2 lean emoted and 1 mime mask =) =)

congrats enyway

congratz… i have mime gloves and mime legs… but not mime mask… thats pretty cool. have fun with ur mime mask!

i wish i had a mask
iam already fighting lessers and white knites but no MIME :frowning: :frowning: :cry: :cry:

i got two mimes one for emote and the other give mime shirt and boots :wink:

hi folks i just wonder how do i get a mime mask??? :?:
should i kill monsters if yes which one :?: :?: :?:

i really want some mime stuff how do you get the mimes i am a member
my mom plays( yes my mom plays dont laugh) and she got mime gloves shirt and pants in one time

mimes can come to you when you are fighting any monsters