Yay, Slim's first 30


con grats wat lvl r u and r u using a rune scimmy

Hes using a dragon long in the picture.
Congrats on the 30! 8)

No hes using drag long

Congratz on 30 :smiley:

wow… congratz on hitting ur first 30… i’ll probably never hit 30…

really good yo!!

i was using a super atk and str pot, and prayer, i used my special and i was like

“omg take a pic!!”

I am Combat lvl 81, and no, it is a d long, not a scimmy lol

Congrats!!!I can only hit 12 with rune scimmy,no pot or prayer.Thats low for lvl 65 right?

good job i can hit half of that with my rune b axe

I hit 17’s on my level 68 no pot no prayer.
I hit 12’s on my level 32 no pot no prayer.