was bored… decided to stake santa… blah blah blah

i couldnt watch the fight… i just left the computer for 5 mins with something on 1 of the arrow keys so it always keeps my logged on… when i came back i saw this ^^… im done shaking now =)
im gonna sleep now ^

lol nice…haha u did it when u didnt see the fight? lol weird

if i lost i wouldnt have my white p hat… couldnt afford it… but now i have my white p hat again yay!

White p hat +4 mil lol.

Yay, good for you Bryan, way to make some more money for yourself. Have fun making more money.

good job! ncie stake!

Oh pwease you didn’t die? How unfortuneate. :stuck_out_tongue: Grats, you staked a santa for 4mil? It is worth more :wink:

bryan, you officially owe me 100k :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job bryan you pwn!

nice going…

ooh nice one Bryan!

You scare me Bryan =p

Anyways grats on another CRAZY stake

I wouldn’t think of leaving the comp. Then again, was it a boxing match/no food?

it is where nobody is wearing armour, weapons, or food then you stake and blah…

congrats that was a very risky stake

nice stake froob!
ive still made 10m more then yah staking though:)


If i give you 200k can u turn it into 20M? cuz if you can u can have my santa :slight_smile:

could i pl0x have sumtin? lol :slight_smile:

lol begger. even tho u did get hacked. :frown: :expressio

Lol…lucky :S