Yellow Card Mod

I think that the Yellow Card Mod would be a good addition to the forum, and make reporting people easy for users and moderating easier for mods.

It basically adds 4 buttons above every post,

Blue Button = report post to a mod. One click is all u need to report a post. This would make people more inclined to report as it would be easier.

Yellow Button = warning. 10 warnings = ban.

Red Button = IP ban.

Green Button = Unban IP.

You can set who can use each type of button (mods, admins etc) and you can have individual settings for each of the forums.

Once someone reports a post, a auto post is made in a forum (usually a hidden one) that includes a link to the reported post, plus some other stuff like time of report and who reported so mods can check out the report. - URL to yellow card mod.

i find that to be a very good idea and would help alot. also you would get points for it

Thats actually what we had before the site update, except for a few parts which were wrong on the description (and yours) which didn’t work as they were supposed to.

I think that this is also a good idea but there are somethings that I don’t understand on what you’re saying… For the red, yellow, and green buttons… Do you mean that we the regular users get to warn the post that was reported? Cause I think we shouldn’t really have the right to warn other people or ban or unban them… Those privlidges should only be available to the mods… I like the blue button idea as it will help the mods greatly on which posts needs to be observed or not… This would help with moving the topic, closing the topic, or deleting the topics and such for the mods… I know that GameFAQ’s has this feature since I know that GameFAQ’s has the most extensive branches of forums on the entire Internet… Correct me if there is a bigger branch of forums out there… And the report post feature helps the mods on that site… (Sorry, if it sounded like I was advertising GameFAQ’s, I really wasn’t… I was just using it as an example…) But I think the other buttons should only be available to the mods like they already are… Maybe when you choose the blue button to report a post, you can be taken to a page that asks you why you want to mark the post and the choices can be to move the topic, delete the topic, or close the topic, and if it isn’t one of those, than there can be a txt box asking for a brief decription on why the user wants to report the post or topic… Well, that’s my opinion and advice… Not very good but oh well…

most stuff u described there is included in the mod. Users can only report posts (blue button) mods and admins can ip ban, unban and warn. The admin can change any of these settings. It is optional to have a screen where the user types in a reason for the warning.

The mod does not however give mods any options to move/edit the post, but a link to the reported page which has the “mod this forum” button on it by default in phpbb. And they need to look at this page first anyway so its no real hassle.

But, Duke_Atreide said it dosn’t work on these forums.