Yellow Dragonhide ( Made with PAINT )

Not too good, I made it in 2 minutes.

Rate out of /10.

Not too bad… I guess 8.5/10 but the paint job wasn’t too bad…

9.5/10 good job

nice :stuck_out_tongue: make other colour dragon hides lol.

Make purple dragon hide and white dragon hide.


all he did was pour yellow over it not much of effort but nice idea 7.5/10

it looks gay :twisted:

dam you sieverdinger! lol…are you just going around insulting everything you see? i bet the whole 8 posts you have now are insults!

nice yellow hide…good for paint :slight_smile: do all the other colours then.

Lol one won’t work… oh yeah the “YELLOW” dragonhide i give it… 6.5/10 it is ok.

looks great 9/10
i reckon u should make-light blue drag hide(like rune)

Excellent but i am not that fond of yellow so. 9/10

Simple, yet very well done. I like it. :smiley: