Yes finally!

Woot I got a robin hood! With the help of MichaelKs I got my dream, got it for 1.6 mill :slight_smile:

congrats wraith, u rele deserve it:)

Thank you! I am so happy!

you should walk around showing it off that would be hilarious

and have a parade of ppl with the same hood

Lol and somehow I spelt cheese wrong XD… Lol I hate typos…

Congrats on achieving your dream :smiley:

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

so for how long have you wanted this hood/hat for?

Well, simple yet accuratly i say " Congratz hope, you enjoy it!"

All my life!

looks good on u lol

Lol, Runescape hasn’t been out that long yet dude, calm down…

Ah ha. You seem REALLY eager about owning this hat… Also how did michaelks help you get it?


I needed 100k more to buy it, and he lent it to me, in return I gave him Red mystic Gloves, Ring of life and wealth :slight_smile:

Aw that’s so nice of michaelks! Lol he sounds like a good guy.


congratz on getting a robin, thats a pretty good acomplishment

Thank you XD And Malibu, he is a great guy!

Congratz man!

So that’s what that gold that you showed me was for… =P

not too spoil yer fun or anythin dude…but remeber…if u die…ull lose it

mumbles to himself I offer my advice, but does he take it? He could have invested it, made way more… mumble, mumble


~ ewok

I was gonna lend you cash but im thinking about saving mine for a pure mage.