yew bows.

Yew bows should be f2p because rune(meleers) vs. addy(arrows) is not a good idea.besides members are getting much newer things there for the old garbage yews should given to f2ps

That’s the whole point of the ranger/mage/warrior triangle. There is always a weakness. I disagree with yew bows being f2p. I’m f2p btw.

Always begging for more (beep)

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

it would then be really unfair to mages on f2p bc they still would not have anything new and still have to use basic robes and stuff.

Well We just got the bows up to maple update and new addy and mith arrows. You can’t really complain about that. As for mages, you have had new spells I think.

Haha I’ve noticed you disagree a whole lot when f2p people suggest p2p things should be added… Not that it’s a bad thing… Just making a point lol. But no, I don’t think yew bows should become f2p…


Come on, F2P’s don’t pay a penny to Jagex, I don’t think they should be getting any new stuff, Besides… F2P’s already got Willow Bows and Maple Bows, I think you should be grateful for that to be honest, I disagree with F2P’s having Yew Bows.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

honestly i am grate ful but nvm just lock it up I am grate ful

Exactly, even thought I’m f2p too… :frowning:

Guys, Salmoneus is right. Free-to-play people don’t even pay for the game but us members have to pay every month. We deserve new things.

F2p deserve nothing new. They dont put anything into the game, why should they get anything in return?