Yews for Bones program

i will trade a yew log for every 10 bones someone gets me. to all you new players out there, that is nearly 900gp a load of bones. all u need to do is find a creature near the bank that you can kill with ease- and voila- instant cash. this is a limited time offer, so plz, act now! pm me for details
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my rs name is xwarrior68 add me and i will get teh bones… u want regular bones correct

I already have a few and will be getting more. Add Tim_Terrible.
Thank you for your time.

hey thanks for all ur support on meh way to 43 prayer
i would prefer to buy by the 1000 and yes this is regular ive got a friend getin 1k big bones for a mere 100k lol anyway post here later

dude wats ur friends name i need bout 1.5k of big bones illl buy for 150k plz tell me i need big bones thankyou.
My runescape name is:Hitman_473
plz tell me

hey dude srry he doesn’t want to have to many jobs ahead of him he sed he mite say u could hire him when hes done gettin mine

the guy who was getting me 1k bigs quit, so i need 6k regs.

cmon people pm me with amounts…

i will selll u big bones for 300-500 gp each

um no for 2 reasons-
a) 3 and 1/3 reg bones gives u same xp as 1 big bone so at 30gp a reg- big bones r not worth it above 100gp each
b)they usually sell for 200-300gp anyway

okay ppl im only 4898 reg bones away that works out to be 147k gp. so… the first person to pm me and meet me on world 43 in edgeville with that amount will be garaunteed the cash. also, meet me same place same world with at least 1k bones and ill still pay u 30k for the 1k. plz plz ppl cmon

i would but my friend is giving me a mith § dagger 4 300 bones

but… after that u’ll help… rite? plz say yes