Yews inc.

OK im starting a business
Yews inc.
Yew incorparated takes orders of yew logs and sells them
Here are our prices
100-300 logs 270ea
300-700 logs 300ea
700-1200 logs 310ea
120+ 320ea
Donate a rune hatchet and your first 200 logs free
To join please make sure you have 65+ woodcut

Post below to order or join

Payment: you get payed when i sell your logs
We need members!!!

Currently selling:
200 yews

No no no… you dont pay them when you sell the logs… you pay them 50% now 50% later… or like me 50% at star 20% later 30% goes towards items!

yes i will change it to that format after we get some money

I will buy 2k yews for 240 k. Pm samri72 in the game.

I’ll buy 1k yews for 240k

ok ill be sure to get my crew working i am also raising prices the sport and the other guy keep prices but i am changing prices

Be sure to message me in-game.

thast is 480k