You Can Use Capital Letters In Topics.

I dont get why the moderators always lock posts that are In Capital Letters, I mean, what harm does it do?

I think in the future, you will be able to use Capital Letters in Topic Titles.

It makes the post stand out alot better. Look at this:

I need Help
A Question
My goals

It stands out, casuing an unfair advantage.

and it looks all ugly and junk if all posts are like that.

Well couldn’t you just do something like this?
I really don’t care but here’s what can be done.

I need help (Right now)
I NEED HELp (The whole thing is not in Caps, so I think it’s against no rules)
I NEED HELP (against the rules)

I NEED HELP and I NEED HELp both stand out, but the difference is I NEED HELp is allowed, and I NEED HELP isn’t

It is considered shouting which way sound stupid but isnt, what else could it mean? If we make so that you can post in all caps it will happen often then that you’ll get annoyed by it.

Arcdemons if I see anyone doing that I will still lock it I don’t care if 1 letter in not capitalised.

Why do you want your topic to stand out more than others? if you want it noticed tell people about it.

you should only be allowed ONE word in capitals, like keyser520’s "STOP with the “get 20 mil from Keyser520 " in your sig”.
because that doesnt make it look ugly, and doesnt make it get TOO much attention.
sickmate 8)

Hmm… But Other Forums do allow you to post all in caps lock.

But we aren’t other forums are we? This is one of the reasons we have the best forums. Because we are more proper.

here is what the official rule says about it

5. No Caps: Putting CAPS in the topic title will results in immediate locking of the topic and a warning for the users who created it. Typing in all caps is also not allowed. If you start typing and notice you are typing in all caps, click on that caps lock button to the left on your keyboard. Typing in all caps is considered shouting and is not proper etiquette, not to mention it is harder to read.

The reason other forums like the RS forums allow it is because there are a few thousand people on at any given time. All caps shows you are shouting and really want attention so it helps sell. We don’t allow it because it looks horrible and looks as if you are desperate for attention.

By the way, one word in all caps is ok, as long as the entire title isn’t in caps. I will lock topics with a few letters not in caps when everything else is in caps.

It also gives RSR a better feeling…If you look at tipit or the like, you see a bunch of crazy CAPS mixed with noncaps and stuff and it gets annoying. THe mods being diligent about their locking all caps topics makes everything have a happier feeling, if you will.

Thats true… IcedEarth, I mean this forum is proper, and If you are writing in caps then it makes it look very annoying and stupid.

If you think it makes it annoying and stupid, then why did you suggest we allow it? I am so confused right now.

cool ok. i thought one word was fine…
sickmate 8)

Because You said good points which now makes me think back.

All topic tiltles are like book or essay titles.Would you like one of your students(if you were to be a teacher)to have an essay tiltle like this? MY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY.And also it shows that you have bad grammar and people will think you are not very smart.

god all u people are weird who bloody cares!