you drop your quest items???

yes or no? (i drop all itens quest)

Theres a new npc that you give your quest items to, hes in Draynor, the house north of the bank.

I drop, of course!

Doesn’t he just give you back the holiday drops?

I drop some of my quest items, but I keep most of them.

I keep some ,others i throw away
And the new npc only does free quest items…

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have problem if i drop itens??

I’m not talking about diango, I’m talking about the NEW npc from the update, an old man, hes in the house just north of the draynor bank.

is only f2p itens???

F2p and p2p.

im confused

man,if you even go talk to him,he says he only does f2p quest stuff! :mad:

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

Oh lol sorry, the update says you do a quest or favor for him and he’ll reward you in the members world.

i keep in bank for furture use and other quest and yo unclock new area’s

np,but ye you can do jobs for him(mostly stupid lol),but he doesn’t says if u need to keep an member quest item(he just says he’s unsure and that he only checks free items…)

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

I drop the boring and useless things, but the more interesting and useful things, I keep of course.

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i drop my items bcuz i’m an f2p and dont have a lot of bankspace

i keep all the items just in case of another quest kumin and we need the quest item

anthiny if i was u id make ure sig just a little bit shorter or its gonna be edited by mods

I kept my silverlight from lvl 16 till now! my precious oh my precious!

About that man in Draynor… I thought he was old, and he gives back all quest items, holiday items, and such… Well I think so at least.