You guys can help me with my GCSE

Basicly, I have to design and make an MP3 player. I am on the naming stage at the moment and i have a shortlist of 3, you my friends will help me choose which one :smiley: It is designed to fit into the apple ipod range.

The iPod…

  1. EZPlay (Easy play)
  2. Access
  3. Interactive

Thanks fot ya help. :thumbsup:

You’re seriously making an MP3 player?
I prefer EZplay, but that’s just me.
:spin: Kingofallpie

EZPlay - it’s slightly less sucky than the other two.

EZplay sound slike already exisitng check ur facts…:?

yeah, EZPlay is the best out of that lot.

EZplay Access! Lol, that’s good.


EZplay sounds the best…don’t give any info away before patined


Nevertheless they all suck.

^ ummm… thanks…

EZPlay, Access, they’re cool. I voted Access though. More professional.

Interactive EZPlay Acess.
That’s the best.
:spin: Kingofallpie

EZPlay is the best

EZplay best, but it sucks just a little less than the other 2.

seriously, get better names