you know whats funny?

lots of people i see on rs cant spell simple words! like you, see, your, you’re, and many others. I just find that really, really funny!

I know thats funny, I think some people dont know when slang ends and english begins. Its kind of ironic because im studying for a spelling bee, trying to spell words like epilepsy and words so confusing its scary and yet they cant spell (for most of them) basic words in there FIRST language! I think slang like lol is ok but when someone says “wen” or “yur”, thats just insane.


yah its totally funny, like when someone says"wel, ure just a fahgot!!!111ahahaah u just got pwned ahahahha"

Lol. I heard this one: “Ki$$ my but” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… I kinda figure why people do misspell a lot of easy words but maybe they just didn’t press a key or pressed a wrong key by mistake and such… BTW, for Superpossum0’s case, those are just people trying to type really fast in order to put you down before you leave the screen or whatever… I just call it the n00b language… (For those who might have found that offensive, I consider n00b’s as new people who try to steal, cheat, lie, beg then curse or whatever because the person denied giving the beggar free stuff, or do other bad things in order to level up unfairly or get money that they don’t deserve…) BTW, yeah… When we had spelling bees in elementary/middle, the smart people, including me because I went to a public elementary/middle school, would miss easy words and then kick themselves (Not litterally, they’d just get mad at themselves) for missing such an easy word… I think the smartest kid in my grade (7th grade I think) missed the word “Stellar” and lost his chance at getting the 1st place ribbon prize at that year’s spelling bee… I forgot which word I missed, but it was pretty easy and I got mad at myself about it…

i do that on occassion but not b/c im stupid just b/c im on the computer for approximately 5+ hours at a time and it gets very tireing considering im up till about 3 every night so i get lazy and only type wats need to understand wat im sayin