Your Biggest ever Pk's Comp

Post a picture of your biggest Pk, the person with the most pk (vaule of items) wins.

Its realy simple, there is no prize except glory and fame, thets see what you have 4 us! :slight_smile:

Greatest Pk’s 2006 Hosted By Lukejames - Your very own forum member

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Meh thats not a good prize if you ask me. I thought it said a glory ammy but now i acculy read it. You may wanna put a 100k prize :wink: With that 510k in your bank

lol im not stupid. anyway stop spamming threads:mad:

Its not really spam, Its my opinion, Not many people will post they’re best pks for fame, How are they gonna get it? Explain please

Full Rune F2P, with 76 range.

pictures wud be nice for proof :smiley:

Would be even better if i cared to get a picture… :frown: :melodrama


anyway best pk would be a steel warhammer and if you want a pic then your just wierd.

I have the unfortunate disadvantage of being F2P. The best kill most F2P’ers have ever received is full rune (Perhaps with an extra rune item or two). I was lucky enough to find this guy:

Estimated Value - 452k (Over 2 full rune sets).

Sorta owns Mine…

yea that is an awesome f2p pk archas.


Rofl yeh ebonys one does own us all =)

Cept that fact that thats fake, therefore your an idiot and your not in anyones pants because your 12 years old.

^ Yea, fake pics don’t count :stuck_out_tongue:

yes i am an exspert at fake pics. Thats out the comp :slight_smile:

the first 1 is good the sammon and 300k 1:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

obviously you aren’t an expert at fakes since it isn’t. Why do you think it’s fake?

How about these:

im 15 :boggled:

Garr. I dont have any pics, but luke, you might find you attract more flies with honey, and not vinegar.

uh oh sorry guys… :frowning: but i have to.

Some 2h and range kills…

oooh yay some rune kills :o

Now who doesnt have these kind of kills??

Please don’t quote that post ^