Your Favorite Server?

Im usally on world 9

what server are you people usally on?

World 24 :smiley:

wrld 42 or 10 :smiley:

50 ore 53

sir you forgot the :smiley:
im normaly on world 54 or 53


21 if on members, and 7 if on non (hardly ever on non)

im always on world 30

actually come to think of it this topic is pretty pointless so it might get locked.

hows it pointless? mabey some one would like to go to some 1’s server and try and find them?

World 52

world 10 and world 12

World 3 or World 4 if World 3 is full

rune lord u think every topic is pointles!!! mine for f2p are 3 and 1 and for p2p worlds 2 and 12 even for members and odd for free to play

f2p: 4

p2p: 48,36,42 :smiley:

I like 29, 1, 2, and 16. They all seem to be good servers. However on occasion I do like empty servers… for mining

im on world 20 for pking and on 46 for members

for members its 44 for nonmembers its 20

Least packed server usually or a London World.

My favorite is 11 free and 12 members!