Your lvl on Gunz

Im lvl 20 post your level i have walcom 77 and zaurus pistols and light weight sword

lvl 18 over here XD Breaker 6, Maxwel x30 and i got military sword (planning to buy newer equipment)

whats gunz?

wats gunz? wats gunz?!?!?! its a great 3d game were u can shoot and sight with katanas and every thing XD buy new clothes kill other players! and join a clan!

ok im gona check it out

18 with phantom crusers, the best rifle i can get (cant think) and military sword.

im just about to start downloading it now is it big?

wow a game named after me lol. Ive never tried it but maybe i should…

yep the only thing is…ur gunS not gunZ lol XD but ur still cool (even though i dont really know you) XD XD

lol i downloaded it the graphics card on this comp cant handle it
i wil download it on my other comp l8r cus its got a better graphics card but its slow
my bro might play it as well

Level 22 with a combination of Breaker 5 and Breaker six, with a Military Sword.
If you use K-style, then you rock.

My equipment so far:
Maxwell LX30
Phantom Cruise x2
Breaker 5
Breaker 6
Warriors Cry x2
Venico Long Coat
Venico Sheep Gloves
Leather Trousers
Vinz Casual Shoes
Military Sword
Rusty Sword

Anyway, I use a mix of Slashshooting and Butterfly when im in a TDM or DM, but in any gladiator type match, I use a mixture of Butterfly and Turtle tactics.