Your own shop

It would be cool to have your own shop i mean like not a house just a table and u could put things on the table and they will never disapear

well, maybe u could just restock it, leave it and ppl could buy stuff and u could get the money later.

The table will never me full all they to is right click on the table and a big box comes up with all the stuff on the table then what u do is go back to the table and collet your money nobody can scam u or steal from it

were would the tables be and how many would there be?

Well u could buy them from a crafting store like ali karhide and u can always take them apart again and put them some where eles

so were do you store them in the bank and can you just put them anywere?

yes u can put them in the bank and u can put them anywhere along as there is nobody else table there u can like in varrock u can put them in the town center

Good idea that would be great!!!

they could be a big…mall! where you and a friend can make a shop and you can chose the items. one stays at the shop and the other one gets the items!.and you can just shop around for bargains

Pretty good idea.

ya that would be prett cool theres a building called the trading post and u leave ur items there post the price and come back lata for the dough

i think it’s a pretty good idea. :wink:

It’s a good idea, but it has some faults to it. Can you imagine how annoying it would be walking through varrock and seeing a maze of tables that you have to go through? They would end up blocking off sections if there were too many. Also, people could take advantage of them and use them as blockades in dungeons, etc.

Good, original idea, but it would be better if there was a building in each town, someone said a trading post, where tables could only be put, and they couldn’t be put anywhere else.

I think that there sohuld be trading posts and the tables or w/e u have your items on should already be set up so you wouldnt have to waste bank space for another item or have the problems JomJom said

That wont happen cause u can only put them around the fountin in a circle so people can go around them like a round about

awesome idea! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

ok Flaws Many Of them…
First Off Tables wouldn’t be able to be left unatended and two this would waste space… how it should work is… you leave your item with the trading post… there would be about 2-3 in each town depending on size. and they give you a note with all the items on it… you would have to check back to see if anyone has bought the item and also you would have to put in a price and compete with prices…

so this idea would work if the trading post were established and also if this is established it should be for F2P and P2P because it wouldn’t be fair… also there would be the problem with crowding and advertising… you would have many items in the trading post and it would be hard to read all the items because there are so many…

all in all flaws would have to be fixed but a good idea…

Yeah I kinda have to agree with demonspitfir on this one… There was a suggestion similar to this one but just with notes or scrolls you can “Attach” to the bank to sell items and such… The idea would be great if Jagex got it to work but the problem is, it would be a LOT of work to get this going right and also like demonspitfir said, there would be way too many notes and most of them might end up not being read… It would help if Jagex made a search feature for it but that by itself would be a lot of work for Jagex and I’m pretty sure that they are up to their heads in making RS work properly… In game-wise, hardware/server-wise, and other factor-wise… Yeah the last one was kind of a make up but oh well… We don’t want to stress Jagex with a lot of work now do we considering that they already have to make sure RS will work all the time and fix all of the bugs and such…

cool idea…but that’ll neva happen…al least i think so

JAGeX is working on player owned house’s and shops.It is stated in there Updates Checklist.