Your Worst Lost?

ok the title says it all and the idea of the title was when i was rangeing.
I walked inside rangers guild bought about 50 rune throwaxes 15k iron 10k bronze and 2k steel wit my money i brought full green draghidearmor glory ammy full rune drag axe rune kite ring of wealth and my money which was about 200k for when i lost arrows and needed to refill cause i was power training trying to raise my range lvl as high as possible. i was training at that combat place when u finish plague city quest and get acess to that place. i started ranging ogres and more ogres raised from 44 range to 47 (yea i know my rangingnn smucks badly :oops: ) and then all of a sudden the power goes off everything in my house goes off! when i was training i was closest to the door we have to wait like 15 minutes for the power to come back and i login to runescape no worrying that anything bad happened when all of a sudden i see im in lumbridge and all i had was drag battle rune plate and rune legs 8O :o i was so fregen mad at this i lost archer helmet my full green hide my bow including all my arrows my glory ammy my berserker helmet alllll my arrows :evil: rune kite and my boots gloves and cape this is my wooooooooooooooorst lost ever and now i have to raise a lot of money just because of that mistake. i do not know how i ended up dead i just guess that my charcter leaded to the ogre and it killed me :(z
moving on to the topic what has been your worst ever lost in runescape?

i was pking with alot of high level friends and we spit I had like 3 sets of full rune and my full rune dragon ammy and much more and we ran into a clan. I died they almost did but they gave the stuff i droped back. but still i lost like 800k worth of stuff.

ouch 800k worth of stuff stinks why would u bring 3 full sets of rune though ?

lol since i never have anything good…just a full set of addy with maybe 14 lobbies lol

Tedek, he pked 3 sets of rune.

Also, if you are training, don’t bring everything you have along. You only bring what you need for one type of combat, especially if the place is less than 5 minutes away from a bank.

Wow, this topic brings back memories of a wekk ago :D.

It was a beautiful day, wilderness was crowded like usual and jammed with mages and rangers and warriors happily busing themselves. I decided to creep up on someone venturing out farther than they should in level 5 wildy and tried to catch them, I returned back, and SMASH, huge thwacks of a weapon, made major hits on me. I was unable to think. I died there, and the player shouted, “Yay!”, like those girls do… anyways, I looked around, there I was, a two-week old player who just had returned to RS in lumby, with no equipment. But, even though i lost a nice armour of mirth and a scim rune, that made me have a better confidence to get on my feet again. (Currently finishing Dragon Slayer ;D)

I was killing Choas Druids for Unids and an old man showed up and gave me a loop half of a key, and I had brought 100k with me to buy unids from other people. I was wearing my Dhide and all my rune arrows when my computer just froze, and when it finally worked I was in lumby, I have NO idea how I died, maybe a Pker maybe a druid :oops: :oops: (Lvl 13) and I lost…

Dhide Vambraces
Magic short
200 Rune arrows
Half a key

Wahhhhhhh! Well you heard my sad story…


i don’t pk that much… though i did for a while… my worst loss was um… a mith helm, str ammy, and a bunch of useless stuff…

wait uv been playing 2 weeks and u have rune scimmy and are doing dragon slayer?

Worst I’ve ever lost is full rune with 2 scims and a b axe. It aint as much as some people here, but it still hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok