you've seen full dragon and other armor but have you seen...

full leather! please rate 1/10

4/10 because it’s too messy. Leather ring…?


…leather ring…is that the onlt thing wrong?

2/10 for trying

0/10, my little bro who is 5 oculd do that

5/10 still an F for eF-Fort

hey everyone its cow armour, 0/10

well…its not all bad…i rate 6/10…at least its kinda original…and at least u didnt use the original leather armour for the legs, body, gloves, and boots…but ya…its a “little” messy

No it’s just a bit… wierd.

4/10. Its a little rough.

All i can say is learn how to blend. 2/10


Ok maybe i can work on it abit more :smiley:

Lol, that’s kind of funny. :lol:
Yeah, it’s pretty sloppy, but nice try!
5/10 8)

3/10 the blck and white is better


it looks messy…i will give it a 2/10