yup, i sure did

after all my hard work to get it, i got 60 attack, and like d long better, i sold my proze possesion, too bad that prices dropped, i lost about 100k in the deal from when i bought to now.

sorry to dubble post, but also, now that i got extra cash, im off topically buying zammy page 2 and d long
zammy page 2- 80k(negotiable)
d long- 90k(negotaible)

Why don’t you just Edit? And sorry your wonderful weapon is 250k nowadays…

OOO good deal for a maul!!! lol verryy good sacrafice! hope you have the time of your life hitting +20 :slight_smile:

i think ur confused, im the seller, i got the money, kk? and they dont go for 250k everyperson in dfally world 2 selling or buying for 500k.

Congratz on getting 60 attack then!

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~