yup or yep?

lol just a random poll that popped into my head. what do you say?

umm wheres the poll any way yep is better :slight_smile:

reporting to a mod.

lol the poll is on now!

why are you reporting this to a mod??? its not spam im curious…moron…

shoot double post!!! i wasnt thinking gah! sorry everyone sorry please forgive me! ohhhhhh!!!

I say yep

And how is this spam? Its just a random poll like my pie related ones!

well…hows it not spam? The pie threads had meaning. Whats this ones meaning?

im just curious!!!

Your gonna get your self banned you do realise this?

dude this isnt spam! if this is spam the cheese one is spam and no one complained about that. your all retarded hypocrites…

theres 2 ways of spelling it. he just wants to know how we spell it!

actually yup and yep are pronounced diferently as well. im just curious.