Yup, the mime thing happened to me too =P

Someone was stuck with me dun, dun, dun. I don’t really think it’s a glitch, he wasn’t stuck there, he was doing the mime with me :p. I got glass wall, and he got glass box.

~ ewok

lol that is funny

i need a mime ur so lucky…

Congratz on your mime paris. I still need to get pants, gloves, and 3 more emotes lol.


Though it was mainly to point out that 2 people could be at the same mime at the same time :l

~ ewok

I’ve never had a mime…:frowning:

Congrats on getting one though.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Yeah how do you get mimes… Also congrats on getting one with another dude! (or dudette lol)

no one cares that mime thing is old (by the way when du get grad legs?)

Alright andre, you’re starting to pee me off now, I was merely saying that two people can be at the mime at once, that it wasn’t a glitch. And over the half-term, I doubled my account’s value.

Mime’s are the rarest random event.

~ ewok

cool! I want A mime

RS2 If your watching Give Jinzo 91 A Mime


alright dont get edgy (get out more) sorry about that (get some friends)
i was only kidding (last time u saw sunlight was when we left school)

100th post w00t!

congratz on the mime… I never thought that two people could be doing it at the same time, thanks for showing us… :slight_smile:

lol nice, i really want one, paris ur so lucky, u got d leg drops… lol cool job

where were you when you got mime and what were you fgighting?

I mean fighting

lol i woulda started following that guy…

Nice one , cant wait until i get it to happen to me lol

What were you doing when that happened? I’ve never had one, but that is really funny. LOL

nice mime…thats wierd how both of you were doin mime at the same time…what would happen if the mime did 2 different things and you couldnt tell which 1 was for you…just wonderin what would happen if that did happen…

Really? I’ve had a mime not never a maze.

Parris, congrats with the mime. Nice armor too. Also nice cb level.