Zakskelyngtn, Will You Marry Me?

Well, here’s why I am proposing :tongue:.

He will loan me 4.5M cash for my chain, it’s all I need, once he gets his dharoks back. I love him for that, because no-one else would, or would they would on crazy terms.

So, when he loans me the money, I will post pic, and get chain and party :smiley: :slight_smile: ;).

Um i dont get it… He is loaning u 4.5M for a chain? which chain? a d chain? i thought they were like 20M…

I do.

Lol, I’m nice like this, and shame on you if you don’t let me wear the chain! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope my friend logs on soon, I’ll sell dharoks then give you cash. I’ll post a pic too…


lol sounds cool. Gratz on getting a loan.

they are 20 mill if you looks at his sig he already has 15 mill


I didn’t get it yet, he has to go eat. Hopefully he hurrys :).

He proposed with a ring of recoil :o!

He got owned, and since it I won it fair and square, I do not have to pay back. :wink:

^^lol… nice work.

lol nice gl wiv d chain hehe

Was kidding about keeping, only because he scared me half to death when he said he got scammed. Turned out he was kidding, he also loaned me 500k more, being 5M in total! :slight_smile: I wub him. I will pay 5.3M back! (Better get to law crafting :x)

ok i am lost… whatever good luck on da chain

good luck getting d chain…did you merchant to get 15 mil?

crazy kids 0.0

are u a girl…i know he jus kidding bout the proposal but are u a guy or a girl

he/she is neither, but then both at the same time young one… 0.0 :meditate:

Dude. I’m a fhking guy.

read above please :slight_smile:

No, I’m not both and none, I’m a guy. Why the **** do people think zak is a girls name? Crack heads.