zeratul wants to know

  1. why does a topic get locked if the title is in caps
  2. what is considered spam
  3. what gives warnings
  4. why did he get banned for accidenly putting up the same topic by accident
  1. b/c its considered yelling when you type in all caps and therefore is inappropriate for this site

  2. Spam is posting nething that is one word replys unless if its asked for in topic or posting something not related to the topic

  3. Mods and or Duke give warnings whenever you break on of the rules

  4. If i remember correctly it wasnt for that reason that he got banned it was b/c he made a who bunch of spam topics and put right in them “this is spam”

BTW for a more accurate answer to these questions check the RsR Rules

this is the second thread i have seen on this, if he is so eager to come back he should have never broken the rules

I totally agree with brother.

he we dont really know the rules

then read them

He should of thought about reading them before getting banned, that is entirely his fault and doesn’t deserve to come back after what he did. LOCKED.