I really hope this pic work because it’s long time since i have used pics on this page. If it works rate it /10 and remember: It’s made in paint. :slight_smile:


Edit: ARRRGGHH!! IT WONT WORK!!! I have tried with both [IMG] and <img src= !! Now i just link to the page…

did you use imageshack? that is the best
ps: im off to school see yall later

i jsut went to the site…thats cool man i give it 7/10

wait, what did you go to?
ps: now im really off to school lol

Yeah… I have tried with both imageshack and photobucket…

</img src>

</img src>
there. that should do it. i think u used ur code rong ive done that too. and if i dbl posted- srry i mite have cuz school comps stink

nah… dont work… Now i just link to the pic… TO REAPER: What do you think about it? TO EVERYBODY WHO RATES IT: Please give me comments on how to make it better. I only used 5 minutes so i think it would’nt give high ratings…

I like it… 9/10… It kinda looks like a short version of that one guys sword in Rurouni Kenshin… That one guy’s sword that’s like a long piece of paper but it’s really sharp…

wow i love it 10/10 really good work

7/10 it is an okay job

To Geminiman: I don’t know what Rurouni Kenshin is but thanks. To Tesni: :smiley: . To Calenel: It is made in paint, but ok. 7/10 is better than 6/10. 8)

heh heh i posted it up ther 4 u but i cant see it its a red x like my stats cuz the school comps stink, rsr fries my home comp-
internet explorer has caused an error. click continue to close out. click ignore to continue working.
if i click ignore it locks up… if i click continue it restarts…

not all that grate 5/10